News App

Project Overview

The News App is a dynamic platform that offers a curated list of news articles. Users can easily search for news articles by title and access detailed information about each article.

Key Features

  • Modular Design: Implemented modularization by creating separate data and domain modules, enhancing code organization and maintainability. These modules are seamlessly integrated into the main project.
  • Persistent Storage: Utilized Room Database to effectively store and manage articles. This enables smooth unit testing of data operations, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Technology Stack

The News App is built using cutting-edge technologies and architecture to deliver a seamless user experience:

  • UI: JetPack Compose
  • Language: Kotlin
  • Networking: Retrofit
  • Concurrency: Coroutine with Flow
  • Dependency Injection: Hilt
  • Architecture: MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)
  • Testing: Comprehensive unit testing
  • Database: Room


News App Screenshot

Experience the future of news consumption with the News App, where innovation meets information. Stay informed effortlessly.


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