MusicWiki is an unofficial app that contains information about different music genres, the albums, artists and tracks listed under the genre.

Tech Stacks

  • Languages

    • Kotlin
    • Java
  • Android Architectural Pattern

    • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
    • Android Jetpack Components
    • ViewModel and UI Controllers
  • UI

    • XML
    • Material Design
  • API

  • Other

    • Picasso -> For Image Loading
    • EventBus -> For Communicating Between Fragments

Features Implemented

  • Different Genres of Music available to search information for.
  • Albums, Artists and Tracks Related to every genre is available.
  • Information regarding every Artist can be found out in the application.
  • Top Artists, Top Tracks and Top Albums are available wrt each genre.

Some Important Points

  • The UI of the application can definitely get more improved, but I rather decided to spend more time on the Code Structure and Architecture so that it is Scalable and Maintanable.
  • Didn’t focused much on the UI, as at some places, the alignment of the views are not proper.
  • Just have tried to replicate the UI provided in the assignment.

App UI

  • Home Screen (where Top 10 genres are available (collapsed))

  • Home Screen (Expanded Genres List)

  • Genre Detail Screen (With Rock Genre Selected)

  • Album Detail Screen

  • Artist Detail Screen

  • Top Tracks and Top Artists


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