A simple music app using YouTube Music for backend


This app is in beta stage, so it may have many bugs and make it crash. If you find any bug, please create an issue or contact me via email.


  • Play music from YouTube Music or YouTube free without ads in the background
  • Browsing Home, Charts, Moods & Genre with YouTube Music data with high speed
  • Search everything on YouTube
  • Analyze your playing data and create custom playlists …
  • Caching and can save data for offline playback
  • Synced lyrics ( From akashrchandran/spotify-lyrics-api )


More screenshot here.


  • This app using public api from YouTube Music with some tricks to get data from YouTube Music
  • Thanks for InnerTune for the idea to get data from YouTube Music. This repo is my inspiration to create this app.
  • Special thanks for @spotify-lyrics-api for lyrics and @Piped for streaming data


You can help me to translate this app to your language by cloning this repo and using Android Studio Translations Editor to translate “string.xml” file in “values” folder. Then create a pull request for me. More info here


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