Music Tribe Assignment

It is an assignment from Music Tribe.

The main objective is to draw a rotary control with below requirements:

  • Rotary control can share codebase with lot of views.
  • Rotary control shall be of two type (The rotary control must implement these type classifications as part of reusable UI Control itself)
    • Type 1 are of steps type (only certain values in tooltip) as in attached video
    • Type 2 should have float values in tooltip, that relates to the gesture.
  • Both have certain min/max values, step size and image background.
  • The control ui must adapt to different images (same rotary control but with different background image).
  • The rotary control must implement this as part of reusable UI Control itself.

Use modular code and ensure that the MVVM design pattern is used.

Avoid any external library

The video demonstrating the expectations is in this link:

App Video Link


First Launch Step Rotary Control  Continuous Rotary Control  With Values  With Different Background


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