A very diverse bukkit library and essential plugin


Despite the many features in compound, it isn’t a very bloated plugin. With pretty much full access to the modules you want and don’t want, you can completely customize your experience.

what even is it?

Compound is meant to be a rival to the incredibly popular EssentialsX and ServerTools. Of course there is not much reason to choose my plugin in its current state, but we have a few things in the making. We are trying to gear it to be an actually development library that you can use in your plugins, and also a real plugin. Something that is pretty rare but other plugins like qLib and Cubed have.

what can I expect?

From what we have tested, lag is incredibly minimal and all the features have been tested to a degree. Bugs will be common in this stage, but nothing game breaking will happen. All you need is a redis database for messages and redis packets but that is it, if you do not have access to these things then just disable them. I am working on a system for no database requirements but that will come much later.

Thanks for using my plugin or just looking at the code

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