[Deprecated] This project can make it easy to theme and custom Android's dialog. Also provides Holo and Material themes for old devices.


Why AlertDialogPro?

Theming Android's AlertDialog is not an easy thing. Because some of its attributes are not avaliable on old platform. Even on newer you still can't use android:layout to specify your own layout, since your views' ids should be consistant with Android's, some of which are not public... AlertDialogPro can make theming a lot easier.


Please use android.support.v7.app.AlertDialog of support-v7.



Contains core codes for building an AlertDialogPro. Most of it's codes are ported from the latest Android Platform. It doesn't contain any resource file. If you want to implement a brand new theme, use this project directly. Otherwise, you should use alertdialogpro-theme-material or alertdialogpro-theme-holo.


Based on alertdialogpro-core, gives AlertDialogPro a Material theme.

alertdialogpro-theme-holo (Obsolete)

Also based on alertdialogpro-core, gives AlertDialogPro a Holo theme.