Kotlin API for React Test Renderer

Kotlin wrapper for React Test Renderer,
which can be used to unit test React components in a Kotlin/JS project.

How to Use


With Gradle (using Kotlin DSL):


Alternatively, using Groovy DSL:

implementation "io.github.mysticfall:kotlin-react-test:1.0"

Code Example

The most straightforward way of using the library is to make your test class implement
ReactTestSupport, as shown below:

import mysticfall.kotlin.react.test.ReactTestSupport

class ComponentTest : ReactTestSupport {

    fun testHeaderTitle() {
        val renderer = render {
            HeaderTitle {
                attrs {
                    title = "Kotlin/JS"

        val title = renderer.root.findByType(HeaderTitle)

        assertEquals("Kotlin/JS", title.props.title)

The project itself has quite an extensive set of test cases, which can serve as examples that show
how various features of React Test Renderer can be used in Kotlin.


This project is provided under the terms of MIT License.


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