Welcome to kotlin-asana!

This repository is home to a Kotlin wrapper for java-asana, which is aimed at making the client simple, declarative, and fun to use! While kotlin-asana is not meant to exhaustively implement all endpoints provided by the Asana REST API, it covers common use cases and adds useful features that are not implemented in java-asana.


This library implements / supports:

  1. Declaratively working with custom fields, tasks, projects, and workspaces.
  2. Automagically handles pagination for you!
  3. Searching for tasks within a workspace or project, with support for filters.
  4. Enforces best practices for handling your access token.
  5. Using projects as data tables, with support for serializing and deserializing Tasks and their CustomFields into data objects.


Using the asanaContext entrypoint

Call the asanaContext top level function to start working with Asana from anywhere in your codebase! When inside the scope of this function, this will refer to an AsanaClient. This client takes on the default configuration, but you can always provide your own; this is useful if you need to work in different contexts, for example, with multiple access tokens.

asanaContext {  < this: AsanaClient > }

Supply a configuration to asanaContext

Use the AsanaConfig class to provide your own configuration and pass it into the asanaContext function.

val config: AsanaConfig = ...

asanaContext(config) { ... }

Working with resources

This library makes use of Kotlin extension functions, allowing you to cleanly and declaratively work with Asana Resources within any asanaContext, without having to worry about the specific API implementation:

asanaContext {
   // Tasks
   val task = selectTask(taskGid = "12345")
   // Projects
   val project = selectProject(projectGid = "56789")
   val tasks: List<Task> = project.getTasks(includeAttachments = true, expanded = true) // pagination is handled for you
   // Workspaces
   val workspace = selectWorkspace(workspaceGid = "09876")
   val tasks: List<Task> = workspace.search(textQuery = "ice cream sundae", "project1", "project2", ...)  

More examples coming soon!


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