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This is the codebase for a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile course.
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Shared Components

  1. Ktor (Network Client)
  2. SQL Delight (Caching Client)
  3. Kotlinx.datetime

Android Specific Components

  1. Jetpack Compose
  2. Jetpack Compose Navigation
    • (Single activity, zero fragments)
  3. Accompanist Coil
  4. Hilt
    • I decided to use AAC ViewModel because it gives so much state management stuff for free. Maybe in the future a shared viewmodel will be more practical. I’ll talk about this in detail in the course.
    • See this tweet thread if you want to do some reading:

iOS Specific Components

  1. SwiftUI

Android Studio Version

The project dependencies have been updated and you can use Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) Canary 3. Download from the archive here.

Kotlin Multiplatform Talks

  1. Mitch Tabian
    1. Is Kotlin Multiplatform Ready for Production?
    2. KMM – Fragmented Podcast
  2. Daniele Barconcelli
  3. Ekaterina Petrova
  4. Dmitry Savvinov
  5. Kevin Galligan
  6. Ben Asher and Alec Strong