Simple Android App that adds watermark to videos and photos

App uses FFmpeg kit to add animated watermark to the videos

Screenshot 2023-02-03 114858 Screenshot_20230203-132232_Pixel Launcher ⚠️For Android 11+ : User need to give the app the permission to manage all files in case of adding watermark to a video (As FFmpeg lib. can’t access the watermark image without this permission)


  • Add a watermark to any image in the local storage and preview it before saving, and after taping “Save photo” image saved instantly in pictures folder

– User can add a custom watermark and will be previewed (Watermark must have a transparent background for a good experience)

– Adding a watermark to videos is also possible and while encoding the output video a loading circle appear to user till video is saved in a folder named “LogoAdder”

Took me a 40 sec to add a watermark to a 30sec , 1080p-Video (May vary with device)


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