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Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines

Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines


An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines. Coil is:

  • Fast: Coil performs a number of optimizations including memory and disk caching, downsampling the image in memory, re-using Bitmaps, automatically pausing/cancelling requests, and more.
  • Lightweight: Coil adds ~1500 methods to your APK (for apps that already use OkHttp and Coroutines), which is comparable to Picasso and significantly less than Glide and Fresco.
  • Easy to use: Coil's API leverages Kotlin's language features for simplicity and minimal boilerplate.
  • Modern: Coil is Kotlin-first and uses modern libraries including Coroutines, OkHttp, Okio, and AndroidX Lifecycles.

Coil is an acronym for: Coroutine Image Loader.


Coil is available on mavenCentral().


Quick Start

To load an image into an ImageView, use the load extension function:

// URL

// Resource

// File

// And more...

Requests can be configured with an optional trailing lambda:

imageView.load("https://www.example.com/image.jpg") {

To get an image imperatively, use the get suspend function:

val drawable = Coil.get("https://www.example.com/image.jpg")

Check out Coil's full documentation here.


  • AndroidX
  • Min SDK 14+
  • Compile SDK: 28+
  • Java 8+

R8 / Proguard

Coil is fully compatible with R8 out of the box and doesn't require adding any extra rules.

If you use Proguard, you may need to add rules for Coroutines, OkHttp and Okio.