Compose Image Cropper

Image cropping library written with Jetpack Compose with other Composables such as ImageWithConstraints scales Bitmap it displays and returns position and bounds of Bitmap and ImageWithThumbnail to display thumbnail of the image on selected corner.

⚠️ Work in Progress

  • ImageWithConstraints displays ImageBitmaps as but unlike Image, ImageWithConstraints returns ImageScope which contains width and height of drawing area(Canvas) in dp, and actual IntRect of Imagebitmap. This rectangle’s bounds change depending on which section of the ImageBitmap is drawn. For instance, for 1000x1000px image with ContentScale.Crop IntRect can be such as IntRect(250,250,500,500). Using ImageWithConstraint building other Composables like ImageThumbnail that require area of drawing and actual bounds of ImageBİtmap that is drawn can be achieved easily.

  • ImageWithThumbnail shows zoomed thumbnail at top left or top right corner of the image that is being displayed


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