Compose Image Cropper

Image cropper that can crop with static, dynamic crop behavior and shapes with various customizations.


⚠️ This Library is under progress(Initial version is for testing)

This is initial release that contains bugs and unfinished free-hand crop soon to be free of bugs, optimized and will include free-hand crop


  • Crop with Static Overlay
  • Animate image back to bounds
  • Crop with Dynamic resizable overlay
  • Animate overlay back to bounds
  • Animate image to overlay bounds
  • Crop with shapes including Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Cut Corner Shape, Oval, and Polygons
  • Option to change Content scale from 7 options
  • Option to change fling gesture when pointer is up to continue movement
  • Overlay and grid color, stroke width options

This library uses

Colorful Sliders

Colorful Sliders written with Jetpack Compose that enliven default sliders with track and thumb dimensions, and gradient colors, borders, labels on top or at the bottom move with thumb and ColorfulIconSlider that can display emoji or any Composable as thumb

Color Picker Bundle

Collection of Color Pickers written with Jetpack Compose with solid Color or Gradient with type, tile mode, and color stops in HSL/HSV/RGB models with Colorful Sliders, displays, and many customization options.

Extended Gestures

Jetpack Compose gesture library that expands available gesture functions with onTouchEvent counterpart of event, transform and touch delegate gestures.


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