The first version of this project is still being developed, additions will be done as amends to the “LiveMap 0.1.0” commit for the time being.


A real time updating web map for Minecraft servers.


The project can be built by downloading it, navigating into the directory, and running ./gradlew build or gradlew.bat build on Windows.

The compiled jar be build/LiveMap-X.Y.Z.jar.


Contributions must follow the following rules:

  1. Lines should be 120 lines long at most, this is not a strict requirement, lines can be longer.

  2. Never use wildcard imports.

  3. Sometimes there can be name conflicts when importing, import them with a custom name, prefixed by the source. For example “LibAListener” and “LibBListener”.

  4. Avoid excessive use of .apply {} or similar.

  5. Do not statically import individual elements from enums or objects.

  6. If there is a large block of mostly similar code, align it with spaces, as it makes things more readable.


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