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This project uses a minimal architecture due to the time limitation of the task and the overall simplicity of the feature-set. Some naming conventions are not ideal.

Project notes


The project has two features (posts and postDetail) and for every feature, we have 4 files:

  • FeatureViewModel: Coordinates how the state should be updated based on user actions and the backend response.
  • FeatureScreen: A UI component that represents the feature’s screen and handles the rendering of the state.
  • FeatureState: A set of Data Classes and Sealed Classes which represent the UI state.
  • FeatureComponents: The UI subcomponents related to that feature.


I decided to use Hilt for this project for its synergy with Jetpack Compose and Compose Navigation libraries. Most objects in the graph are scoped to the app, but we can still benefit from the aforementioned integrations to simplify things like view model injection.

Main libraries used

  • Jetpack Compose for UI
  • Hilt for Dependency Injection
  • Retrofit for the HTTP client


You can find unit tests in the ./app/src/test/ folder.

Testing with mock-web-server:

You can also use mockwebserver docker image to run integration tests.

To do that you will need only 3 things:

  • First, you’ll need docker installed.
  • Then, cd into ./mockwebserver-docker-img/ and run docker compose up
  • And lastly, open ./gradle.properties and change USE_MOCK_URL to true

To change the API response, just change the data in ./mockwebserver-docker-img/initializerJson.json.


You can use the good old gradle assebleDebug to generate an APK or if you’re in a hurry, you can download this one.


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