Guardian News App

Main points covered:

  • Production quality MVP example (Not a large enough app so not really using intents/actions)
  • Well structured architecture with clean testable code
  • Demonstrate testing some business logic with unit tests

Issues & Improvements:

  • Add paging, so not limited to 50 items
  • Use proper ItemDecoration approach for recycler view padding dims
  • Clean-up favourites as they will gather stale ids
  • Ability to read and favourite articles offline
  • Better unit test coverage
  • UI Tests
  • Swap out Rx for Coroutines from retrofit through to LiveData
  • On a larger app a more elaborate MVI implementation covering actions and have dedicated behaviour/use case classes for business logic
  • Repository pattern with multiple data sources if implementing offline functionality for example.
  • On API 21 padding on just one of the Section titles behaves a bit weird with extra end padding. This issue doesn’t occur on later API versions
  • Screen jank when images load etc – add placeholder images/shimmer etc **
  • No content screens for; no articles, no internet, api error etc.
  • Fonts, dimensions, colours etc are best approximations so would work with these to move them into proper places; themes, fonts, dimensions files etc.
  • Handle buttons/icons over images that can change colour to make them always visible, i.e. contrast enough not to blend.
  • Removed jcenter repo and replaced with MavenCentral as jcenter is being closed down.

Guardian API Key

Note that you might need to replace the guardian API key for this project if this link doesn’t work. To get a new key, go to and register yourself as a developer. Once you get your key, replace the string here with your key and you should be good to go!


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