Android news app built in kotlin that fetches news data from news api with Retrofit and displays news to users.
This App follow MVVM architecture carrying Room operations in Data Access Objects(DAO) and API calls in Repository, and fragments navigations implemented with Android Navigation Component.

Problem Statement :

In Today’s corporate life, people don’t have enough time to watch news from different sources, thus they can miss out important opportunities, information, etc. Besides opportunites, it’s a good habit to be educated about the environment we live in.

Proposed Solution :

A News app built in kotlin with implementation of MVVM architecture and android navigation components.This news app clusters news from various sources of journalism, So that users can get aware in a glimpse. They can also share relevant news with their belongings and save important news.

App Screenshots :

News Saved News News Sharing
News Display Saved News Image - news sharing

App features :

  • Views News
  • Share News
  • Save News

MVVM Architecture :

MVVM is one of the architectural patterns which enhances separation of concerns, it allows separating the user interface logic from the business (or the back-end) logic. Its target (with other MVC patterns goal) is to achieve the following principle “Keeping UI code simple and free of app logic in order to make it easier to manage”.

MVVM architecture

MVVM components :

  • Entity: Annotated class that describes a database table when working with Room.

  • SQLite database: On device storage. The Room persistence library creates and maintains this database for you.

  • DAO: Data access object. A mapping of SQL queries to functions. When you use a DAO, you call the methods, and Room takes care of the rest.

  • Room database: Simplifies database work and serves as an access point to the underlying SQLite database (hides SQLiteOpenHelper). The Room database uses the DAO to issue queries to the SQLite database.

  • Repository: Used to manage multiple data sources.

  • ViewModel: Acts as a communication center between the Repository (data) and the UI. The UI no longer needs to worry about the origin of the data. ViewModel instances survive Activity/Fragment recreation.

  • LiveData: A data holder class that can be observed. Always holds/caches the latest version of data, and notifies its observers when data has changed.

Navigation Component :

The Navigation component consists of three key parts that are described below:

  • Navigation graph : An XML resource that contains all navigation-related information in one centralized location. This includes all of the individual content areas within your app, called destinations, as well as the possible paths that a user can take through your app.

  • NavHost : An empty container that displays destinations from your navigation graph. The Navigation component contains a default NavHost implementation, NavHostFragment, that displays fragment destinations.

  • NavController : An object that manages app navigation within a NavHost. The NavController orchestrates the swapping of destination content in the NavHost as users move throughout your app.

Retrofit :

Retrofit is a type-safe REST client for Android, Java and Kotlin developed by Square. The library provides a powerful framework for authenticating and interacting with APIs and sending network requests with OkHttp.

Application link :

Future Scope :

  • Add Quiz such as sudoku, words, etc. section in app
  • Display various data, surveys, events( such as earthquake magnitude) in analytical visuals to get better idea.


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