GithubUser Search

An Android App that lists the github users sorted by most followers

GitHubUser Search


GitHub API


  1. Clone the git repository
  2. Build ./gradlew assembleDebug
  3. Install ./gradlew installDebug


Create an Android application that fetches the users sorted by the most followed ones (GitHub Users API and display the result as a list


This app uses the Google’s Paging3 library to implement the paginated list with only remote data source

The architecture is a standard MVVM with UI observing the live data for the main list as received from the ViewModel-> Repo-> PagingSource-> RemoteDataSource .

The details view just calls the user api for every user via the Viewmodel and is “suspending” sequential in nature

The UI is made up of two fragments the List and Detail and is clubbed together using the Navigation Component

Every layer is (Repository , API ) is preceded by an interface for separation and mocking.

Dependency is managed using Dagger2

Rate Limit handling

The Github API is is rate limited and when the limit is crossed it it gives a 403 response along with the time required for limit to be reset . In this app whenever a rate limit is hit a snackbar shows when the user can retry to fetch the data and a footer with retry button is shown

Pull To Refresh

Pull to refresh has been added and launches a new new pagination from start .

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this cleverly designed exercise . It was a great learning experience and that alone makes this worthwhile.


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