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GuardianMonsters is a Free and Open Source monster taming RPG inspired by Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Golden Sun.

GuardianMonsters is proudfully made with

  • libGDX
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • AndroidStudio
  • Kotlin and Java
  • several libGDX supporting libraries
  • Tiled

For detailled information see Third Party Notes.


  • Maps built with Tiled
    • system for adding objects and components via map objects
    • several walkable layers
  • walking in 4 directions (just like in Pokemon GameBoy games)
  • taming Monsters
  • inventory (health items, equippable weaponry and clothes)
  • ability system (unlock abilities on an ability board with every new level)
  • weather and times of day on the map (weather effects and differently colored tile sets)
  • animations in battle and on the map
  • battle system with animations and AI
  • elemental system with 12 elements
  • abilities
    • healing
    • physical attacks
    • magical attacks
  • up to 3 on 3 battles


See more trailers under Documents/Videos

YT GuardianMonsters Lates version

Video of the new inventory system with equipping monsters with items and learning new abilities:

YT GuardianMonsters Ability Board

Video of one of the first playable versions of GuardianMonsters:

YT GuardianMonsters first version


See more screenshots under Documents/Screenshots


GuardianMonsters’ code is licensed under Apache-2.0. All artwork is licensed under CC-BY-3.0. Any third party components and artwork are listed in the directory third-party-notes.


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