FlashCard App

Lab 1

App Description

This app displays a question and three choices for an answer. Tapping the question will reveal the answer and tapping the answer will bring the question back. The choices change color to show whether it is correct or not. Green means it is right and red means it was wrong. You can press the eye icon to hide and unhide the choices.

App Walk-though


  • Create New Project in Android Studio
  • Add a view for the front side of the flashcard to display the question
  • Add a view for the back side of the flashcard to display the answer
  • Build in logic to show the answer side when the card is tapped
  • Push code to GitHub


  • toggle the flashcard between the question side and the answer side
  • Style the question and answer side of the card to better distinguish between the two sides
  • Add selectable multiple choice answers beneath the card
  • Change the background color of the multiple choice answers when clicked to indicate whether the question was answered correctly
  • Further customize and style the card


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