Jetpack Compose Android Sample

This repository is a sample project showcasing the capabilities of Jetpack Compose, the modern Android UI toolkit. Explore and learn the fundamentals of declarative UI development with this hands-on example.

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Tool Descriptioin
Kotlin Programming Language
Kotlin Coroutines For async operations
Jetpack Coompose The whole UI of the app is built in Compose
Compose Navigation Navigation betwen different screens
Hilt For dependency injection
Room data persistent library
Kotlinx Serialization To mapping json on POJO models
Ktor Client A network library to consume REST APIs

Software Architecture


There are two main modules:

  • app module is the main module that holds all features and framework code
  • buildSrc module to manage the gradle dependencies

Design Pattern

The project code follows SOLID principles by implementing the Clean Architecture. I have used MVVM and MVI as architectural design patterns.


Waseem Abbas

Sr. Mobile Software Engineer (Android | KMP | Flutter)


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