This is a easy way to publish MQTT message and receive MQTT message

This is provider a spring stater for quick use

Recive message form the broker

MqRouter is like a controller and MqPath is the subscribe topic

it also provider parse the @PathVariable

class TestController(val client: VertxMqClient, private val endpoint: TestEndpoint) : CommandLineRunner {

    fun test(@PathVariable id: Long, @MqDecoder(name = "R001") msg: String) {
        println("id :$id msg: $msg")

    override fun run(vararg args: String?) {
        endpoint.test(2, "hello")


Protocol provider

class CodecProvider {

    @MqDecoder(name = "R001")
    fun decodeR001(msg: SmqPublishMessage): String = msg.payload.toString()

    @MqEncoder(name = "R001")
    fun encodeR001(msg: String): Buffer = Json.obj("msg" to "hello").toBuffer()


Publish MQTT message to broker

This is very similar to Feign :

interface TestEndpoint {
    fun test(@PathVariable id: Long, @MqEncoder(name = "R001") msg: String)

Next stage goal

  • Optimized reflection code via KT Reflection

  • Added switch for system event ($SYS) listening method provision

  • Extend MQ Path by providing subscription and receive capabilities

  • Provides the suspended message publishing and listening methods

  • Added configuration items: will message and user authentication parts

  • Add the dynamic loading function of protocol to make use of SPI mechanism


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