ConstantCreator, Generate Unique Constants For your Classes!

Welcome to ConstantCreator!

ConstantCreator is a KSP-based library that can generate Unique Int constants from your classes that are annotated with @HasConstant.


First, annotate your class with @HasConstant.

Let’s see it in action:

class SampleClass

// Can change nameSuffix of generated constant.
@HasConstant(nameSuffix = "_ViewType")
class SampleViewHolder

// HasConstant can be repeated to generate multiple constants.
@HasConstant(nameSuffix = "_DataConst")
@HasConstant(nameSuffix = "_ViewConst")
class MyAdapter(val data: Data, val view: View)

The code above will generate the following code:

val SampleClass_CONST = 1292182827
val SampleViewHolder_ViewType = 232312827
val MyAdapter_DataConst = -987012921
val MyAdapter_ViewConst = 65756129218

You can change constant name suffix with nameSuffix parameter in @HasConstant(Defaults to _CONST).

You can safely use the generated constants anywhere:

class SomeAdapter {

   override fun getViewType() : Int = SampleViewHolder_ViewType


Add the following to your build.gradle (or build.gradle.kts)

plugins {
    id '' version '1.6.21-1.0.5'
    // the version according to your Kotlin and KSP

// to add generated files support for IDE
android {
    kotlin {
        sourceSets.debug {
            kotlin.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/debug/kotlin'
        sourceSets.release {
            kotlin.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/release/kotlin'

dependencies {
    implementation "com.github.cafebazaar.ConstantCreator:annotations:{latest_version}"
    ksp "com.github.cafebazaar.ConstantCreator:processor:{latest_version}"

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Please let me know what you think about this project by filing a Github issue


Any type of contribution includes bug fixes and adding new features are welcomed ? .


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