The PeraCompactDecimalFormat produces abbreviated numbers, suitable for display in environments will limited real estate. For example, Algo: 342.24B instead of Algo: 342,249,670,000. The format will be appropriate for the given language, such as 342,24Mrd. for German.

Library supports numbers between 0184,467,440,737,095,551,615 (UInt64)


val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance().build()

val rawNumber = BigDecimal(1000000.00000)
val formattedNumber = formatter.format(rawNumber.toPeraDecimal())

// 1.00M


Currently PeraCompactDecimalFormat supports the languages below. Default language option is English

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

To use predefined local;

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder
// Or

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance()

To use custom local;

Extend BaseLocale class and override localeConstants which will be used to get suffix and formatting number.

object NewLocale: BaseLocale {
    override val localeConstant: String
        get() = "EN"

    override fun addSuffixes() {
        addSuffix(THOUSAND, LocalizedSuffix("K", "Thousand"))
        addSuffix(MILLION, LocalizedSuffix("M", "Million"))
        addSuffix(BILLION, LocalizedSuffix("B", "Billion"))
        addSuffix(TRILLION, LocalizedSuffix("t", "Trillion"))
        addSuffix(QUADRILLION, LocalizedSuffix("q", "Quadrillion"))
        addSuffix(QUINTILLION, LocalizedSuffix("Q", "Quintillion"))

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder

Compact Style

Enum class to define style of the sellout. Default style is CompactStyle.SHORT

enum class CompactStyle {
    // Longer version, like "1.2 trillion"

    // Short version, like "1.2T"

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance()

Number Formatter

There are 2 different predefined NumberFormatters in PeraCompactDecimalFormat. One for iOS and one for Android. They are being used to format the given number as; 123415215.215 to 123,415,215.215.

PeraNumberFormatter can be customized by using NumberFormatterBuilder as shown below;

val peraNumberFormatter = NumberFormatterBuilder.getInstance(EnglishLocale.localeConstant)

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder

   Defines rounding mode. Check PeraRoundingMode for more details.
fun setRoundingMode(roundingMode: PeraRoundingMode): NumberFormatterBuilder

    Defines minimum fraction digit of the formatted number
      Example: Number = 100.9
      digitCount : 2 -> 100.90
fun setMinimumFractionalDigit(digitCount: Int): NumberFormatterBuilder 

    Defines maximum fraction digit of the formatted number
      Example: Number = 100.9876
      digitCount : 2 -> 100.98
fun setMaximumFractionalDigit(digitCount: Int): NumberFormatterBuilder 

    Set whether or not grouping will be used in this format.
      Example: Number = 10000.00
      useGrouping: true -> 10,000.00
      useGrouping: false -> 10000.00
fun useGrouping(useGrouping: Boolean): NumberFormatterBuilder 

    Defines grouping size of the number
      Example: Number = 10000.00
      groupingSize: 2 -> 1,00,00.00
      groupingSize: 3 -> 10,000.00
fun setGroupingSize(groupingSize: Int): NumberFormatterBuilder 

These formatters can be overridden by creating new class which implements NumberFormatter interface.

class CustomNumberFormatter constructor(
    override val localeConstant: String,
    override val peraRoundingMode: PeraRoundingMode,
    override val minimumFractionalDigit: Int,
    override val maximumFractionalDigit: Int,
    override val useGrouping: Boolean,
    override val groupingSize: Int
) : NumberFormatter {

    actual override fun format(number: PeraDecimal): String {
        return // TODO 

val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance()

Excluding number

Currently we don’t shorten thousand in Pera Wallet. Specific constants can be excluded as shown below;

// Example
val number = 1200.489

// Without excluding 
val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance(TurkishLocale)

formatter.format(number) // 1.20K

// With excluding 
val formatter = PeraCompactDecimalFormatBuilder.getInstance()

formatter.format(number) // 1200.489


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