CodingChallenge is a simple SDK. Which can provide you information related to Start Wars APi.

How to Run the app:

  • Download the project
  • Import project in the android studio
  • It should build now ideally.
  • Run the Project. Done!

Implementation Details

  • Marked internal (classes, interface etc) which are only used inside SDK.
  • Exposed CodingChallenge, acts as a single entry point/usage to the SDK.
  • Easy to integrate in apps as Init SDK in Application class and use wherever needed using the same object.
  • Separate models for public usage and response api. Like FilmRes and Film.

Tech Used:

  • Retrofit for networking calls
  • Moshi for json parsing
  • Builder Pattern to instantiate
  • Kotlin

Things Can be Improved (If given time)

  • Error handling of network calls
  • Queue management of network calls if fails for some xyz reason
  • Give more control to network calls to end-user. Like schedule, cancel, etc
  • DI (Make use of Dependency Injection)
  • Unit Testing


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