Clean Architecture App using MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)

Data Source: New York City Leading Causes of Death

Included Translations: (English ??, Spanish ?? and Portuguese ??)


  • Coil (Image Loader)
  • Jetpack (DataBinding, Navigation, ViewModel, etc.)
  • Koin (Dependency Injection)
  • Kotlin (CoRoutines, Flows/StateFlows, KotlinX Serialization)
  • Retrofit (Network Client w/ OkHttp)

Instructions to run:

  1. Clone the project or download it as a .zip file
  2. Open it in your Android Studio
  3. Connect your own device, or click to run using an emulator
  4. The Android Studio will download the dependencies with gradle and launch the app

PS: If these options don’t work, please, download this .apk file and install it directly on your device: Download APK


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