Call Monitor

An android app that monitors your calls, saves the caller phone number and the name and exposes an api server to query the call logs. Calls are logged only while the server is running.


Name Description Path Verb Response Failure
API overview Lists all the available endpoints / GET 200 – {"startTime": "Sun Oct 16 14:43:47 PDT 2022", "services": [{"name": "status","uri": ""}, {"uri":""}]} 400 – {"message": "Something went wrong"}
Status Returns whether there is an ongoing call alongside the phone number and caller’s name /status GET 200 – {"hasOngoingCall": true or false,"phoneNumber": "014889389892" or null,"callerName": "John Doe" or null} 400 – {"message": "Something went wrong"}
Log Returns the list of logged calls from the time the server is started /log GET 200 – [{"startTime": "Sun Oct 16 14:43:47 PDT 2022","durationInSeconds": 20,"phoneNumber": "014889389892","callerName": "John Doe","timesQueried": 1} 400 – {"message": "Something went wrong"}


Start Server Stop Server Call Logs


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