A program written entirely in Kotlin using the principles of Clean Architecture according to the MVVM pattern.

An application that shows a list of anime and detailed information about them, the ability to
search, as well as add to favorites. The selected data is stored in a remote database on the
server Back4App



Android Jetpack

  • ViewBinding View binding is a
    feature that makes it easier for you to write code that interacts with views.

  • Lifecycle An interface
    that automatically responds to lifecycle events.

  • Paging 2 Swap Library helps
    to load and display small pieces of data at the same time. Downloading partial data on demand
    reduces the use of network bandwidth and system resources.

  • Navigation
    Navigation refers to interactions that allow users to navigate through , enter, and exit various
    parts of the content in your app. Navigation component Android Jetpack helps you navigate, from
    simple button clicks to more complex templates like application panels and navigation bar. The
    navigation component also provides a consistent and predictable user interface, adhering to an
    established set of principles.

  • LiveData Data objects that
    notify views of changes to the underlying database.

  • ViewModel Data related to
    the user interface that is not destroyed when the application is rotated. Easily schedule
    asynchronous tasks for optimal execution.


  • Hilt Hilt is a
    dependency injection library for Android that reduces the execution time of manual dependency
    injection into your project. Performing manual dependency injection requires that you create each
    class and its dependencies manually, and use containers to reuse and manage dependencies.


  • Picasso Picasso allows you to easily upload images to your
    app – often in a single line of code.


  • Retrofit2 Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java.

  • OkHttp HTTP + HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.


  • Kotlin Coroutines Coroutines is a rich library for
    coroutines developed by JetBrains. It contains a number of high-level primitives with support for
    coroutines, which are discussed in this guide, including startup, asynchrony, and others.

GitHub Custom Libraries

  • Simple Rating View A rating toggle for Android which
    switches between 3 rating levels: positive, neutral, and negative.

  • Expandable TextView ExpandableTextView is an
    Android library that allows developers to easily create an TextView which can expand/collapse just
    like the Google Play’s app description. Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps
    provided that you cite this project.

  • Flow Layout Extended linear layout that wrap its
    content when there is no place in the current line.

  • Pretty Time Social Style Date and Time Formatting for

  • Shimmer Shimmer is an Android library that provides
    an easy way to add a shimmer effect to any view in your Android app.


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