weatherwarning (Lightning ⚡⚡⚡)

App to get information about lightning using the frost met api and Amazon SNS. Only works in areas FrostAPI has coverage, basically Scandinavia. When properly configured the app will send SMS messages with information about lightning near your location.

Example SMS message

time: 15:01:39.984645376
distance: 38.0km
current: 3kamp
type: air to ground



Java 17

install, compile and build jar

  1. to install dependencies, compile and build jar run ./mvnw install
  2. then run the outputted jar with java -jar

Environmental variables

You need to pass the following environmental variables.

Environmental variable description
met-client-id client id for the api
met-client-secret client secret for the api
location-lat latitude of the area you want notifications for
location-long longitude of the area you want notifications for
max-distance-km if lightning is observed within this amount of kms, notify the user
phone-number number of the user, add regional code, ie +47 for Norway
aws-region aws region of your sns service
aws-access-key aws access key for your aws IAM user
aws-secret-key aws secret key for your aws IAM user


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