AND101 Milestone 2 – and101-Pod2

Submitted by:

  • Kevin Fong
  • Daniel Chen
  • Dahyeon Park
  • Sajed Atwa
  • Reagan Dhar

Time spent: 40 hours spent in total


Weathernaut is a weather app where you can look up different cities and their weather, as well being able to favorite a city that they would like to keep track of.

Milestone Requirements

The following REQUIRED features are completed:

  • Assign features to each member of your group
  • Establish a goal time for completing each feature

The following REQUIRED files are included:

  • Updated ?, which contains:

    • App Overview (Milestone 1)
    • App Spec (Milestone 1)
    • Checked off 2+ completed features
    • 2+ GIFs of build progress
  • Our ? Demo Video

    • We have also added the Demo Video Link to the Group Info Form on the course portal.

The following EXTRA features are implemented:

  • List anything else that you added to improve your submission!

? Demo Video

Here’s a video that demos all of the app’s implemented features:


VIDEO created with Youtube


Here’s a place for any other notes on this milestone!


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