The SensorTemplate provides a simple build of the Android application with centrelized tools to manipulate with sensors of a phone. Whole computational unit is build on a foreground service, which can be turn on by the button in the main activity.


The model under foreground service connects different aspects of Android system together.

  • whole life cycle of sensors is handled
  • temporal storage for samples
  • creation of csv files, if needed
  • implementation of GPS
  • implementation of Activity Recognition Client
  • methods to handle changes in network, user activity and battery life
  • wakelock handling
  • app is added to whitelist for background processing by AutoStarter
  • examples of detector classes

Every aspect is completely modifiable.


  • Tensorflow lite neural network for 1D signal/features. Model can be also modified to 2D if needed.

  • Scikit-learn models like SVM, decision trees, k-neighbours classifier, Naive Bayes has been added to app with help of sklearn-porter. Outputs have been modified into the Kotlin, with one interface. Parameters for models should be extracted with help of sklearn-porter.