A android application to show reels and short vides.The project done using kotlin and firebase realtime database and for push notification the project use firebase cloud messaging service.
The user can see the short videos they can like and download the videos and for giving user updates push notification is setted.


The application is just an inspiration of YouTube and instagram short ui. The main key features of this app are:

  • simple UI
  • Push Notification.
  • Like the videos
  • Download the videos

Build With

  • IDE – Android Studio
  • Baas – Firebase
  • Language – Kotlin

Run Locally

Clone the project in the android studio

  git clone


To run the project you need support of Firebase.

  1. Follow the link here to add Firebase to your project

  2. Download the firebase config file google-services.json

  3. Move the config file to module directory (app) of the project.


To do

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* Comment


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