Android app which allows users to find out current weather data for more than 210,000 locations,get predictions about future weather and get Historical weather data for a location.The app also shows the Air quality of the particular selected location

User can either select a location they want to get weather and air quality information about.The user first would have to login to the app.


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Tech Stack

Location : Google PLaces Sdk,Geofencing API

Cloud : Firebase,FireStore Database

Network : Retrofit,Coil,GSON,JSOUP

Dependency Injection : Dagger Hilt2

DATABASE : Room Library

Miscellaneous Coroutines,ViewModel,datastore-preferences,Easy-preferences


  • Login Screen
  • Current Weather data
  • Weather Forecast
  • Historical Weather data

? About Me

I’m an android developer based in India.I develop my app with Kotlin and try to use the best software development practices out there to develop my apps


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