Firefly III(Android)

Firefly Mobile is an unofficial Android client for Firefly III, written in Kotlin.


This software is using Firefly III APIs. It is under heavy development and it might work in unexpected ways. In order to use this app, you must first setup a Firefly III instance. If you are not inclined to install, the demo works too.

Other alternative include this software written by mconway using Ionic framework.


✔ Support Marshmallow and up!

✔ Offline: View and submit offline data

✔ Automation: Add data non-interactively allowing powerful automation. Read the wiki for more info.

✔ Reporting: Financial reports give you overview of your spending and income

Running the Software


With your device plugged into your PC and ADB enabled

git clone
cd FireflyMobile
./gradlew clean installDebug

Please note that assembleGithubRelease task requires you to have 3 system environment variables. They are
FireflyKeystoreAlias, FireflyKeystoreFile and FireflyKeystorePassword

Pre-built APK

An APK is provided in the release page for convienent purposes. All APKs
are signed with the same release key, this ensure that the APK comes from me and your financial data will not be exposed to nefarious actors. The APK SHA256 public key is 40:F2:02:B8:CC:D1:68:87:56:8A:F7:9E:27:44:5B:E1:82:51:CC:B9:1E:89:08:8B:04:3D:2F:35:A2:0D:C3:8F. All commits in this repo are signed with my GPG key and the public key can be found on keybase and Github

To get latest update notifications, add this RSS feed.

It's also available via F-Droid here. I have also added my own FDroid repo for users with Privileged Extension. For more info, take a look at the wiki

If there is enough interest, I might upload it to Google Play Store.


Dashboard Piggy Bank Adding Piggy Bank Piggy Bank Details
screenshot1 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5
Transactions Bills Login Report Bills Details
screenshot2 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9

Thanks to Screener - Better Screenshots for the device frame!