Robot Scouter

Robot Scouter is an open-source Android app with three core goals: make FIRST competition robot scouting easy, efficient, and collaborative.


  • Full offline support 📡
  • No setup required i.e. no databases 🗄️ (managing databases = 💩)
  • Easy sharing between users 🔗
  • Seamless collaboration: multiple people can scout the same team, different teams, or go solo on
    Android N and use split screen mode to scout several teams at once.
  • Customizable scouting templates 📃 with several different metrics to choose from:
    • header/title 🔖
    • true/false (checkbox)
    • stopwatch (for keeping track of cycle time) ⏱️
    • number (counter)
    • list (item selector)
    • text (notes) 📜
  • Integration with The Blue Alliance to automatically populate relevant team info
  • Advanced spreadsheet exporting:
    • Averages are computed for each team automatically
    • A global average sheet is included to compare teams against each other 📊
    • Fancy formatting on devices with Android Lollipop (21) and above 🎀
    • Charts! 📈
    • PSA: Excel spreadsheets can easily be
      converted to Google Sheets.
    • JSON exports are also supported for custom analysis (e.g. in Tableau)
  • And more!