An app to track your quickly track, review, and reflect on your days.

  • Write about your day in five quick notes
  • Search through your past notes
  • Notifications and reminders [IN PROGRESS]
  • Chart your happiness over time [IN PROGRESS]
  • Find your happiest/angriest/saddest days [IN PROGRESS]
  • Turn your digital entries into physical books with a design you can fully customize [IN PROGRESS]

Technology + Frameworks Used:

  • MVVM pattern using Livedata + Databinding
  • Jetpack paging library
  • Retrofit + OKHTTP
  • KotlinTest for unit testing
  • Espresso for instrumented tests
  • MockWebServer for instrumented tests
  • Travis CI
  • CompactCalendarView


If you clone this repo the app will not build for a few reasons: You'll need my google-services.json for firebase and you'll be missing some font assets I didn't want to upload to github.