Uber Car Animation Android - An example project to demonstrate how to Add Uber Like Car Animation in Android App.

About this Open Source Project

This project contains a sample app that shows how to animate the car icon of Uber app from a Source to a Destination on Google Map. We will build the following in this project:

  • Use Google Map to draw path from Origin to Destination
  • Use list of locations to draw a path between Origin and Destination just like Uber
  • Use list of location to update car location
  • Use LinearInterpolator for animation
  • Draw one path of two colours i.e. grey and black
  • Animate the black path from Origin to Destination just like Uber application
  • Animate the car icon just like Uber application

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Building the project

  • Clone the project, the master branch has the latest code.
  • This App uses the Google API Key for Maps. Get the API key from the Google Cloud Developer console after enabling the Maps feature for your project. Refer this link and put that API key in the AndroidManifest.xml file in your project:
    The meta-data tag of AndroidManifest.xml file will look like below:
            android:value="PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" />

Step by Step guide

Reference blog for this project - How to Add Uber Car Animation in Android App

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