#MP3 Downloader APP

MP3 Downloader APP is an application that allows users to download YouTube videos as .mp3 files.

Features Built with Jetpack Compose, MVVM, Retrofit, OkHttp, Jsoup, Coroutines, Dagger, and Hilt. Define the download location and pass the YouTube link. The application will automatically download the .mp3 file based on the provided link. Utilizes coroutines for asynchronous programming, ensuring efficient and non-blocking operations. Features MP3 Downloader APP offers the following features:

YouTube Video Download: The application allows users to download YouTube videos as .mp3 files. Simply provide the YouTube video link, and the application will handle the download process.

Jetpack Compose: The app leverages Jetpack Compose to create modern and dynamic user interfaces, providing a visually appealing and interactive user experience.

MVVM Architecture: The project follows the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern. This separation of concerns enhances code readability, maintainability, and testability.

Retrofit and OkHttp: Retrofit and OkHttp libraries are utilized for making requests to the YouTube API and fetching video data. These libraries offer efficient and reliable networking capabilities.

Jsoup: Jsoup is employed to parse YouTube video pages and extract relevant information. This enables the application to retrieve details such as video title and artist name, ensuring accurate file downloads.

Dependency Injection (Dagger/Hilt): Dagger and Hilt are used for dependency injection, simplifying the management of dependencies between application components. This facilitates easier testing and promotes code decoupling.

Coroutines: Coroutines are integrated into the project for asynchronous programming. This allows for smooth execution of background tasks, ensuring responsiveness and preventing UI blocking.

User-Defined Download Location: Users have the flexibility to specify the location where the downloaded .mp3 files should be saved. This feature facilitates easy organization and access to the downloaded files.

These features collectively empower MP3 Downloader APP to provide a seamless and efficient solution for downloading YouTube videos as .mp3 files. With its modern UI, robust architecture, and advanced functionalities, the application delivers an enhanced user experience.



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