An android lib that provides most commonly used utility function. It can help Android developers with supporting common utility functions and save their effort and time on common things.

Getting Started

To add Awesome Utility to your project (Using Android Studio and Gradle):

add implementation ‘com.github.hamza7171:Awesome-Utility:1.0’ to your build.gradle dependencies block.

for example:

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.github.hamza7171:Awesome-Utility:1.0'

allprojects {
  	repositories {
  		maven { url '' }


  • Device Utils Get device IP address. Get device MAC address. Get app version no. Get app version name. Get device screen denisty. Get device screen size. Many other utils function are added.

  • Permission Utils Check permission granted. Request permissions. Check and request permissions.

  • Root Utils Check android device is rooted or not.

  • Utility Hide Keyboard. Email validation. Randomize array. Get App install days. Restart app. Check Sim Availabale. Get Random Num. Many other utils function are added.


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