Snap Creative kit Sample

An android app that demonstrates Snapchat’s creative kit integration with Jetpack compose

💻 Requirements

🧬 Sample

Project Sample
Android app that demonstrates use of Snapkit’s Creative kit with new Jetpack Compose and latest Android Studio version.

What it does?

• Share Image on SnapChat
• Share Image with Sticker on SnapChat
• Open Lens on SnapChat
• Jetpack compose UI
• Light theme
• Lifecycle and Stateful
• No XML

Creative kit sample demo


<string name="snapchat_client_id">Your client id</string>
  • Make sure to change project name in AndroidManifest.xml

<application ...>
      android:value="@string/snapchat_client_id" />
  • Create xml directory in res
  • Create file_paths.xml file in xml directory.
  • Add following code snippet for using it as cache directory for storing images

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<paths xmlns:android="">
    <cache-path name="tmp" path="/" />
  • Add your own lens uuid from my lenses
    • procedure for capturing lens uuid
      • Click here to login to check out your lenses
      • Now, as shown in below image, click on chain icon to copy link for your lens
      • Paste the same link in new tab you will be able to find uuid as below image shows

  • As you found your uuid, go inside MainActivity.kt find function getLens() and add your uuid

fun getLens(){
  val snapLensContent = SnapLensContent.createSnapLensContent(
          "your lens uuid",
  • These are the only steps to do.

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