$\color{#3DDC84}{Muslim App}$

$\color{#d71b3b}{? About}$

Muslim app offering precise prayer times, supplications, Quran with interpretations, digital Tasbeeh, and Qibla direction.

$\color{#e8d71e}{? Features}$

? Accurate Prayer Times: Get precise prayer times for your location, so you never miss a prayer.

? Quran with Interpretations: Access the Quran with comprehensive interpretations and translations.

? Supplications (Duas): Explore a collection of supplications for various occasions and moments.

? Digital Tasbeeh: Use a digital Tasbeeh to keep track of your supplications and dhikr.

? Qibla Direction: Easily find the Qibla direction to ensure accurate prayer alignment.

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple and intuitive user interface for easy navigation.

? Islamic Calendar: Stay informed about important Islamic dates and events.

$\color{#16acea}{? Technologies}$

? Kotlin


? Coroutines

? Retrofit

? Rest ApIs

? Shared Preferences

? Flows

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