Android Animations Actions

Actions for android animations. Inspired by libgdx scene2d actions.

The main goal of this project is making creating of complex animations easier. You may create animations like in demo with just a couple lines of code.


sequence - executes actions sequentially

delay - inserts pause into sequence

run - will run target runnable, useful in sequences

parallel - executes actions at the same time

color - color animation for view

scaleTo - scales view to defined values

scaleBy - scales view by defined values

alpha - alpha animation

fadeIn - fades alpha to 1

fadeOut - fades alpha to 0

rotateTo - rotates view to defined degree

rotateBy - rotates view by defined degree

moveTo - moves view to defined x, y

moveBy - moves view by defined x, y

repeat - repeats action using defined number of times

forever - repeats action infinite

play - plays specified action on specified view


Library contains class Interpolations with different predefined interpolations which may be useful for animations.


For better quality please check package demo in the project.


repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.dtx12:actions:0.1.4'