Running The Project

AcmeMobileBrowser is a native android application that allows users to browse the web, manage bookmarks, and track their browsing history. To run the app, simply launch through the emulator or sync with an Android device. This app was built using the latest version of Jetpack Compose and Navigation, so the latest implementations of these libraries are necessary.


The following user stories are included:

  • Three separate screens: HomeScreen, EditBookmarkScreen, WebviewScreen
  • HomeScreen is the launching point for new tabs.
  • HomeScreen has sections for viewing history, a convenient bookmark view, and a search bar for querying new searches.
  • EditBrowserScreen allows the user to add and remove bookmarks from the bookmark cache.
  • WebviewScreen is built on top of Android’s built-in WebView component. It allows for browsing the web using various navigation icons.
  • *WebviewScreen Contains a custom search bar, storing the forward and back information to allow easy navigation.
  • The app allows users to maintain multiple tabs which store up-to-date URLs specific to each.
  • 10 unit tests

Approach To The Project

My first step was to research the various components I would use to build the app. After researching, I built a bare-bones, functioning draft.

I then put together 10 separate tests.I used these tests and my interaction with the app to iron out kinks and improve general performance.

Lastly, I worked on aesthetics and usability design after spending some time interacting with the app during the building process. I like the approach of saving usability and ui design until the end when I can interact more robustly with the app.

Video Walkthroughs

I have included three short gifs within the project file briefly showing some of the functionality of the three screens. HomeScreen:

Homescreen Walkthrough


EditbrowserScreen Walkthrough


WebView Screen Walkthrough

The gifs were created with LiceCap.


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