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Alkemy is a browser automation framework written in Kotlin and based on Selenium and Kotest. The objective is to provide more fluent definitions for Selenium tests, using a functional style and Kotlin extension functions. Alkemy currently supports Chrome and Firefox browsers.

See Documentation for further information.

For a full working example please check the sample-project in this repository.


testImplementation "io.resoluteworks:alkemy:${alkemyVersion}"

Writing tests

Alkemy enables a variety of approaches for writing Selenium tests in Kotlin. A set of extensions functions can be used against String to perform lookups and assertions.

Alternatively, similar extensions are available for WebDriver and WebElement, including helper methods like fillForm, typeIn and assertions like shouldBeVisible, shoulHaveClass, etc.

Alkemy also provides a very basic framework for Page Object Model approaches. This includes all the extensions and assertions available for WebDriver.

Lastly, any Kotest assertions can be used natively in combination with the Alkemy or Selenium objects.

class MyTest(val context: AlkemyContext) : StringSpec({

    "string selectors and assertions" {
        // To use String extensions the context.apply{} construct is required
        context.apply {
            val form = "#input-example"
            "$form button".shouldHaveText("Enable")

            "$form #loading".shouldBeVisible()
            "$form input[type='text']".shouldBeEnabled(maxWaitSeconds = 10)

    "login with fillForm" {
                "username" to "tomsmith",
                "password" to "SuperSecretPassword!"
            .submit() shouldHaveText "Welcome to the Secure Area"

    "login with page object model" {
        val securePage = context
            .login("tomsmith", "SuperSecretPassword!")
        securePage shouldHaveText "Welcome to the Secure Area"
    "using native Kotest assertions" {
        val driver = context.get("/login")
        driver.findElements("input") shouldHaveSize 2
        driver.find("h2").text shouldContain "Login Page"

class LoginPage(context: AlkemyContext) : Page(context, "/login") {
    fun login(username: String, password: String): SecurePage {
        fillForm("username" to username, "password" to password)
        return next<SecurePage>()

class SecurePage(context: AlkemyContext) : Page(context, "/secure")


See Documentation for further information.


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