Build and Test


This is a VikeLabs project meant for navigating around UVic. It’s structured as a
multi-module gradle project with an api server and a web app (in api and app respectively). You can find out more
about the details of those modules in their respective‘s.


You can run the backend with gradlew api:run and the frontend with gradlew app:run. This should install dependencies
you do not already have, so it may take a while first time! Sadly, due to issues with halting (darn Turing), we cannot
run both in a single gradle command. gradlew run will run the backend api and wait for it to end (which it doesn’t)
then run the frontend app.


You can test everything at once with gradlew test. Or individual projects with gradlew app:test
or gradlew api:test


You can build both projects (producing an optimized app and a jar file) with gradlew build. Similar to testing and
running, you can build the individual projects with gradlew app:build and gradlew api:build


Two Dockerfiles (api.Dockerfile and app.Dockerfile) are tested every push. They run optimized builds and as a result are
the best way to deploy the app in a long-running environment.

Some notes on gradle

You can of course run everything here without gradle, you may want to directly run npm commands for example. I would
recommend against it as there is a carefully curated dependency graph for tasks with gradle whereas for npm you are on your
own. As a result of this if any mentioned gradle commands fail for any reason beyond broken code, that is a bug and should be filed
as such


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