? Native Android Scanner App

? Description

This app is designed to offer a versatile QR code utility for Android users. It utilizes the zxing library to seamlessly scan QR codes using the device’s camera. Additionally, it allows users to select QR code images from their gallery for processing. Developed using native Android Studio and written in the Kotlin programming language, this app provides a comprehensive solution for QR code management.


  • Generate Qr Code From String Text
  • Save Qr code
  • Download Qr code image
  • Scan Qr code using CameraX
  • Select QR Code image And scan it
  • Save data in local database

? Preview

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In this app, I used

?️ Tools

This is a simple overview of the tools I used in this project, such as Android Studio, Git, GitHub

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I used Git to manage versions and updates in this project.

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Android Studio

I used Android Studio to create this app. It is an important tool for every Android developer

?️ Tech Stack & Open Source Libraries

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Jetpack Compose

I used Jetpack Compose in this project to create beautiful UI/UX

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I used Kotlin as the main language in this app.

  • Minimum SDK level 26.
  • 100% Jetpack Compose based + Coroutines for asynchronous.
  • Jetpack
    • Compose: Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI.
    • ViewModel: UI-related data holder and lifecycle aware.
    • Navigation: For navigating screens and Hilt Navigation Compose for injecting dependencies.
    • Room: Constructs Database by providing an abstraction layer over SQLite to allow fluent database access.
    • Hilt: Dependency Injection.


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