Easy Scanner

Anroid library handling Qr Scanning and barcode scanner in easy and fast way

  • Easy API for launching the QR scanner and receiving results by using the new Activity Result API.
  • Modern design, edge-to-edge scanning view with multilingual user hint.
  • Android Jetpack CameraX for communicating with the camera and showing the preview.
  • ML Kit Vision API for best, fully on-device barcode recognition and decoding.
Qr Scanner BarCode Scanner



repositories {
   maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

build.gradle (app)

dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.BasemNasr:EasyScanner:v1.0.0'

Easy Way To Using Library

private val scanQrCode = registerForActivityResult(ScanCustomCode(), ::onScanResult)
     ScannerConfig.build {
          setShowTextAction(true, getString(R.string.or_enter_code_number))
		//you can put other configs here 

// other config
setOverlayStringRes(@StringRes stringRes: Int)
setOverlayDrawableRes(@DrawableRes drawableRes: Int?)
setHorizontalFrameRatio(ratio: Float)
setHapticSuccessFeedback(enable: Boolean)
setShowTorchToggle(enable: Boolean)
setUseFrontCamera(enable: Boolean)
setShowTextAction(enable: Boolean, text: String) // bottom text

//Bar Code Formate
selectedBarcodeFormat = BarcodeFormat.FORMAT_ALL_FORMATS
setBarcodeFormats(listOf(selectedBarcodeFormat)) // set interested barcode formats

Jetpack Compose

Use the rememberLauncherForActivityResult() API to register the ScanQRCode() ActivityResultContract together with a callback in your composable:

fun GetQRCodeExample() {
    val scanQrCodeLauncher = rememberLauncherForActivityResult(ScanQRCode()) { result ->
        // handle QRResult
    Button(onClick = { scanQrCodeLauncher.launch(null) }) {

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