A UI inspector to traverse a view hierarchy on Android.


What are the properties Where is the view Select another view


  • Low intrusive, no code change required
  • Turn on/off inspector throught the notification
  • Select the target view by clicking on it
  • What's LayoutInspector can't do?
    • Tracking animations

    • Support to add your custom panel or custom view properties

      See more

Get Started

Add jitpack to your project-level build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Add dependency to your module-level build.gradle

dependencies {
    // debugImplementation because Uinspector should only run in debug builds.
    debugImplementation 'com.github.YvesCheung.UInspector:Uinspector:x.y.z'

x.y.z replace with Download

That’s it, there is no code change needed!


  1. Start the inspector through the notification
  2. Tap the view you want to inspect
  3. Now you can see the properties on the popup panel

4. Uinspector intercept the 'single tap' event, but you can perform click on a View by double tap instead! And the scroll event/ key event can be dispatched as usual.

Optional Dependencies

  • Glide

    If an image is loaded with Glide, you can inspect the properties on the ImageView:

    Inspect ImageView with Glide

    glide model : The image source, maybe an url or a resource id

    glide error : The error drawable

    glide placeholder: The place holder drawable

    All you need to do is Add the gradle dependency on the Glide integration library:

    dependencies {
    	debugImplementation 'com.github.YvesCheung.UInspector:Uinspector-optional-glide:x.y.z'

    x.y.z replace with Download

To see more optional dependencies below:


  • You can develop your own panel and add it into UInspector:

    See Doc

  • UInspector will launch automatically when the application starts. You can disable this feature if you don't want this:

    dependencies {
         debugImplementation('com.github.YvesCheung.UInspector:Uinspector:x.y.z') {
             // After excluding, UInspector won't launch until you invoke it's `create` method!
             exclude module: 'Uinspector-optional-autoinstall'