Android Countdown Timer

This is a simple, no-frills but efficient timer app for android created based on my personal need.

You can create multiple sequences of countdown timers which can be run once or in a loop.

And the most important feature of this app - Unlike all other timers I have used, it doesn't throw a tantrum at the end of the countdown. It just beeps twice to inform you and then promptly shuts-up without you even needing to touch the phone.

Screen 1:

The first screen lists all stored sequences called events


  • Create new events by clicking + button
  • Long press each event to get Menu to either edit or delete event


  • Press event to open screen to run the sequence

Screen 2:

This screen is used to create new event or edit existing event


  • Click + button to create new timer item


  • Long press timer item to open Menu to get delete option


  • Press timer item to edit existing timer

Screen 3:

This screen is used to run created event


  • Press start to start timers items one after other in sequence
  • After each timer item end there is a tone of 50ms is played twice with a gap of 50ms along with vibration
  • The timer item which is active is marked with a red dot


  • To stop timer at any time press stop. This resets the timer sequence which can be restarted again.
  • To loop sequence repeatedly press repeat button beside start