A simple utility Compose to add customizable buttons when swiping the card in an easy way.


This library is available as a gradle dependency via JitPack.io. Just add the following code:

  1. Add Jitpack.io to your root build.gradle:

allprojects {
     repositories {
     	maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }

Note: if you faced an issue with the first step check this out

  1. Add dependency:
    implementation 'com.github.Amrjyniat:Swipeable-Card:1.0.0'


  • Customize the background, text color and icon of the button.
  • Add unlimited buttons to the card by passing a list of SwipeableAction.
  • Work with both LTR and RTL layout directions.
  • You don’t need to edit your card to make it swipeable, just add your card compose to the SwipeableCard.

Alt Text

How to use:

	actions = listOf(
	  Action(R.drawable.ic_share, Orange, "Share", Color.White, 85.dp){},
	isRevealed = revealIds.contains(task.taskId),
	paddingValues = PaddingValues(16.dp),
	animationDuration = 500,
	onExpand = {},
	onCollapse = {}
) { 

You have three customizable areas in SwipeableCard composable fun:

  1. Your original card.

  2. The buttons that will show when swiping the card, pass a list of Action which has multiple attributes:

    • iconRes: Drawable resource icon.
    • color: Background of the button.
    • text: Text of the button.
    • textColor: Text color of the button.
    • withInDp: Specify button width in DB, otherwise will wrap the content.
    • onAction: Lambda triggered when button clicked.
  3. Attributes:

    • isRevealed: Boolean value that Reveals the card to show the buttons when being true.
    • paddingValues: Set card padding.
    • animationDuration: Specify the Reveal speed by passing duration in milliseconds.
    • onExpand: Lambda triggered when revealing the card.
    • onCollpase: Lambda triggered when collapsing the card.


You can check out the sample app in the project to take a closer look of how to use it in real work.


This library inspired from here, Thanks Skyyo!


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